Compestella not to be, but the journey continues …

Sadly, after more than a week of illnesses (stomach bug, tonsillitis and finally an ear infection), I have faced the hard decision to return to the States. My feet and legs are strong; my immune system is clearly unhappy. After a week, I have limited hearing in both ears.

I am wildly disappointed mostly for the lost connections on this particular journey. From Day 1, I met a diverse cast of characters and some amazing conversations began. Though I am sad, I also knew this was NOT about an achievement nor reaching a destination. 

So, the real work and journey of fleshing out a nomadic spirituality of home continues. And even this “rerouting” has given me some insights not antcipated. I will continue to post when well. My thanks to my community of friends near and far who have supported the journeying.

Buen Camino to all of the peregrinas/os following the Way of St. James and may ALL of the myriad paths we walk in the search for wholeness be blessed. 

St Jean Pied de Port

The Camino began in earnest at the airport in Biarritz when we with backpacks assembled almost naturally. Met an actor and producer from NYC; a mother and daughter from Canada; and some newly retired women. The hospitality practiced at the Beilari Hostel in St Jean Pied de Port would soothe anyone’s weary soul/soles. First pilgrim dinner and amazing connections – a surprise discovery re Simone de Beauvoir – met Irina (from Sweden and Ecuador) and Yuki from Japan as well as a group of French women walking for a week, Lee from Vancouver and Michael from Tazmania. Maria, the hospitalera, did linguistic gymnastics translating French, English and Spanish. Today was a warm up as I traversed the walls of the Citadelle in St Jean and did a final organization of my pack – at only 8.2 kg for 6 weeks, I am already thinking about what I can let go. The ascent of the Pyrenees, Part One, begins in the morning.