Compestella not to be, but the journey continues …

Sadly, after more than a week of illnesses (stomach bug, tonsillitis and finally an ear infection), I have faced the hard decision to return to the States. My feet and legs are strong; my immune system is clearly unhappy. After a week, I have limited hearing in both ears.

I am wildly disappointed mostly for the lost connections on this particular journey. From Day 1, I met a diverse cast of characters and some amazing conversations began. Though I am sad, I also knew this was NOT about an achievement nor reaching a destination. 

So, the real work and journey of fleshing out a nomadic spirituality of home continues. And even this “rerouting” has given me some insights not antcipated. I will continue to post when well. My thanks to my community of friends near and far who have supported the journeying.

Buen Camino to all of the peregrinas/os following the Way of St. James and may ALL of the myriad paths we walk in the search for wholeness be blessed. 

2 thoughts on “Compestella not to be, but the journey continues …

  1. Therese Campbell

    Denise, so sorry to hear about the happenings in your health. I think you made the right decision. I know that your heart is heavy but we welcome you back. You’ve had some extremely fantastic experiences to take with you thank you for all the sharing

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